Current Collection: Enredaderas Doradas, 2015
Skilled Artisan Techniques: Filigree, Hand-woven Werregue, Handcarved Wood, Totumo Seed
Materials: .950 Silver, 24kt Gold, Werregue Palm Fiber, Flor Morado Wood.

Inspiration for the Enredaderas Doradas, 2015 collection has been sourced on different techniques that take us back hundreds of years, prior to the colonization of the Americas. These techniques have been preserved by different indigenous and ethnic groups within Colombia, and these traditions are what Wak´a has worked with, to incentivize and promote local artisanship among the younger generations.

Every piece of this one-off collection has been curated and adorned with Colombian filigree, which has been traditionally worked for fine jewelry pieces. The art of filigree is, for the Enredaderas Doradas, 2015 collection a source of inspiration that is an appreciation of nature, as well as the connecting thread between the different decoration pieces.


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Bogotá - Colombia

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