Wak´a Galería works with Colombian ethnicities and skilled artisans to develop unique, masterful designs that are hand-crafted with the finest materials combining inherited and modern techniques to evoke contemporary elegance and sophistication with a hint of tradition and culture. Aside from having beautifully composed and hand-crafted designs, Wak´a offers its customers with unique, one of a kind artistic and decorative elements.

The purchasing experience is 100% personalized, and as a customer, you will be dealing directly with Wak´a Founder, María Ximena Alvarez, who is directly and personally involved in every process within our company. Because of the quality of our materials and the quality of our products, we are confident that you will have no deterioration if the piece is adequately cared for. Thus, we are proud to say that every Waka certified product has a lifetime guarantee.


Cra. 19B No. 85-88, Suite 702

Cel. (+57) 314 889 0227

Mail. info@wakagaleria.com

Bogotá - Colombia

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